Beco Natural Rubber & Rice Husk Bone - Vanilla - Green

Beco Natural Rubber & Rice Husk Bone - Vanilla - Green

Dog Toy

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Extra strong bone in vanilla scented natural rubber. Perfect size hole for your dogs favourite treat.

Every dog loves a bone... Made from natural rubber the Beco Bone is really tough, and as long as your dog doesnโ€™t bury it in the garden it will keep them busy for days! The Beco Bone has been carefully designed to be the most healthy, safe and ethical toy, without compromising on durability.

The Beco Bone comes in three sizes so is suitable for all breeds. This rice husk formulation means this is our most durable and sustainable rubber to date. The hole for treats will give you the chance to make this an extra special toy.

Product Specifications
Bone length S: 12cm | M: 17.5cm
Bone Width S: 3.5cm | M: 5cm
Weight S: 100g | M: 250g
Materials Natural Rubber and Rice Husk Fibres